Family Package: 10% Discount for Families.

Low-income Families: 30% discount for those who can’t afford the full fee.

Once you attend 3 Days FREE Trial Classes and wish to register for regular and permanent classes, you should pay at the beginning of the month in advance.

You might take this decision while FREE Trial Classes, if you find out some issues in our services after registering then feel free to contact us for returning the classes before paying if you have issues.

As we prefer Trial Sessions for your satisfaction, if you find an issue in our teachers, curriculum and timing then please don’t use the Registration Form. Once If you have registered and are not satisfied later and want to cancel the classes then there will be no refund fully or partially but if you have paid for more than one month, after deducting the small amount, you will be got the remaining fee.

No, there is not, It’s free of cost.

Yes, of course you may get 15% discount on the 2nd and 30% discount on the 3rd family members.

Yes, you may attend the class at an adjustable time by Tutor.

Our fee is not the fee of The Quran because no Muslim can even think that to sell out The Quran. It’s the cost of time spent by teachers, rants of many services which are used to provide online classes, taxes, and provide free classes for deservers people, no one can deny that every institute expenses to run it, so this is not the fee of The Quran.

It depends on few things on students, like the students’ talent, cuteness regularity, concentration, internet connection, and technical melioration, etcetera. So we can’t decide any period.

get 3 DAYS free TRIAL classes




Your method of teaching is v good like a professional teacher. All main points and small points u teach very well. Always u come on the time. No complain u are the best teacher in my view. May Allah give many many rewards to u. Respected teacher
Sawera Sameer From (UAE)
You really are a great teacher. thank you for helping my children learn Quran and thanks for being nice, and helping them learn more about Islam this is my greatest wish for my kids and wanting them to understand. Once again, thank you.
Gul Wakar From (USA)
Sir, Alhamdullilah we are very satisfied with your teaching of the Quran, letting kids memorise Surahas, Kalimas and prayers. They have improved a lot. We feel so proud when they read Quran in the best manner independently. Alhamdullilah and may Allah return you with rewards And MashaAllah for you and the kids. Regards,
Haroon from (UAE)
MashaAllah I am so satisfied with your teaching methods. The technique you are using is amazing, so the children can understand the Quran and recitation easily. You always appreciate Manha and Eihab. Thank you to teach Quran to them. May Allah give you ajar and reward. Aameen
Armughan from (UAE)